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Creamy Pesto Stuffed Salmon

Most of my recipes are quick and easy but they don't come any quicker or easier than this delicious stuffed salmon recipe. Salmon is a robust fish and is able to take on punchy flavours such as a delicious pesto. My favourite way to cook salon is always by pan frying it, you get lots of lovely colour and flavour and not to mention that crispy skin! A tip for salmon is to not be shy with the seasoning it can take it believe me!



Prep time 5 mins

Cooking time 15mins


For the stuffing

120g garlic and herb soft cheese

20g chopped wilted spinach

3tsp pesto

Other ingredients

4 skin on salmon fillets, suitable size for stuffing

Salt and Pepper

2tbsp olive oil

1tsp paprika


In a small bowl mix all of the stuffing ingredients together.

Use a piece of kitchen towel to pat dry your salmon fillets.

Season the skin side with salt, you will season the flesh side while they're cooking in the pan.

With a sharp knife cut a pocket in each salmon fillet lengthways, being careful not to go all the way through the fillet.

Use a spoon to fill each pocket with the creamy pesto filling.

Heat a large non stick pan on a medium heat and add the olive oil.

Once heated add the salmon fillets in skin side down.

Leave them untouched for 5-7minutes or until you see the fillet has cooked 1/2 way up the side. While the salmon fillets are sitting in the pan season each of them with some salt, pepper and 1/4tsp of paprika.

Once the salmon is about 1/2 way cooked and the skin is crispy use a tsp to baste them with any of the oil or filling that has spilled out and then carefully turn them over, you will probably lose some of the filling in this process but just try to be as gentle as possible. Any spilt filling push to a cooler spot in the pan and we'll just dish it up with the fillets.

Leave on this side for around 4 minutes or until the salmon is cooked to your liking, you may prefer it a little more cooked than me. A perfectly cooked salmon fillet should flake easily if you push gently on it.

Serve skin side up with your choice of sides, I like buttered new potatoes and salad. Spoon over and spilled stuffingthats in the pan.

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