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Christmas Pigs on Rugs

What's the best combination when it comes to homemade canapés .... simple to make and super tasty!! Try my pigs on rugs during the festive season and I bet your family will love them. The combination of sausage in blankets, brie and caramelised onion chutney is so so more-ish.. they take less then 10mkins to prepare and 30mins in the oven (or 20 in the air fryer) just be sure to make plenty.



To make 12... Prep time 10 mins

Cooking time 30mins


375g ready rolled fresh puff pastry

100g caramelised onion chutney (approx 1tsp per canapé)

100g brie, cut in to 12 even pieces

12 uncooked pigs in blankets

Milk or whisked egg for glazing


1. Pre heat the oven to 180ºc fan.

2. Roll out the chilled puff pastry sheet and cut 12 squares or that are approx 3" squared. About 1cm inside the square score a border in to the square being careful not to go all the way through the pastry.

3. Place 1tsp (roughly) of the onion chutney inside the scored part of the square.

4. Place a piece of brie on to the chutney.

5. Now place an uncooked pig in blanket on to of the brie. Repeat for all 12 of the squares.

6. Lastly use a little milk or whisked egg to glaze the border of the pastry squares.

7. Place all of them on to a lined baking tray and place in the oven for 30mins or until the pigs in blankets are cooked and the pastry edges are golden and crisp.

For Airfrying.

Follow instruction numbers 2 to 6 and then instead of placing in the oven pop them in your air fryer for 18-20mins at 180ºc

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