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Bubble & Squeak Croquettes



If you've got some left over veg from your Christmas dinner or Sunday lunch you simple must try my bubble & squeak croquettes. The perfect airfryer recipe, they can be served as part of a dish or as a delicious canapé.

This recipe makes 12-14 croquettes.


250g leftover veggies

250g leftover roast potatoes

6-8 cooked pigs in blankets (optional)

300g cold mash

1tbsp plain flour

Salt and pepper to taste

To Coat

3tbsp plain flour, seasoned with salt & pepper

1 large egg whisked

60g panko breadcrumbs


In a large bowl add your leftover veggies, roast potatoes , pigs in blankets and use a pair of scissors to chop everything up relatively finely... but not so finely that you can't distinguish all the vegatables.

Next add in the mash, plain flour and some salt and pepper and stir until combined.

Using your hand form the mixture in to croquettes shapes. Place on a baking tray and chill for 30mins.

Put the seasoned flour on to one plate, the whisked egg on to another and the panko breadcrumbs on to a third plate.

Take one of your shaped croquettes, making sure you cover all sides, roll it firstly in the plain flour then in the whisked egg and lastly in to the breadcrumbs. Place in to your air fryer.

Repeat with the remaining bubble & squeak croquettes.

Once you have coated all of them turn the air fryer on to 180ºc and cook for 25mins turning halfway through, until they are golden and crisp.


The bubble & squeak croquettes are perfect for dipping in a dippy egg! If you're lucky enough to have a steam function on your Airfryer like my Tefal EasyFry 3in1 air fryer has then I find steaming large eggs for 8 mins then popping them in to ice-cold water for a couple of minutes to stop the cooking makes perfectly soft yolk eggs every time!

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