Katie cooks

Sunday roasts - Pt. 2

March 3, 2020

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So here we are, my second ever blog, and in keeping with the beautiful Sunday roast theme, as promised today im going to be talking about MEAT!!

Is there anything more satisfying then walking into your mums house on a Sunday and smelling that hunk of meat that's been happily roasting away in the oven all day. Let me tell you my mums roasts have saved me from even the darkest hangovers in my younger days and it all starts with THAT smell, sometimes its the only thing that has kept me going throughout the day, well that and running to the kitchen while mums popped to the toilet and cutting off a chunk of the resting meat and then blaming dad when she sees the piece missing, poor dad! Here it is at roughly 3pm my big plate of perfect potatoes, array of veg, Yorkshires and yes that meat that I've been smelling all afternoon!!

What's your go to meat on a Sunday..? I like to shake mine up each week but I do love lamb, I can see it now, blushing meat dripping in lovely home made gravy with a hint of mint, nom nom nom, is it dinner time yet? Leg is normally the cut we go for on our roasts but have you ever tried shoulder, you can chuck this in the oven first thing low and slow for hours while you enjoy a nice long walk or a Sunday morning Netflix binge, yes its bit more fatty then a leg but cooked correctly its a very welcomed change every now and again and cheaper too!

Lamb shoulder roast

Whatever the choice of meat you choose for your Sunday dinner it should always be the showstopper so its super important to get it right, depending on what your budget allows you shouldn't scrimp on quality, I truly believe you really can taste the difference with an animal that's led a happy life.

I bought a large free range chicken once for around £12, enough to feed 6 people (£2 per head) and my friend I was with gasped and said you can buy the same sized chicken for a fiver down the road......... my response, how do you think a large chicken has been treated and fed if the cost of buying is £5 and they've made a profit from that? So for less then £5 that chicken has been charged bed and breakfast, slaughtered, packaged and shipped for less then five pounds, now I'm no vegan warrior clearly but I do think that we should treat all animals with respect while they are alive and you get out what you put in.

I am also a firm believer in using local butchers, not only can you find out more about your meat, ask for exactly what you want you can also support your local community, and don't be put off thinking you are paying more because generally a good honest butcher will not charge much more then your local supermarket, but be warned, if you are a foodie walking into a great butchers is like walking into Aladdins cave, all sorts of cuts from all sorts of meats is where the danger of overspending comes in, I go in for a nice Sunday joint and end up leaving with a bag full of treasures!

I recomend if possible booking a butchery course, I got one for a birthday present once at the GingerPig butchers in London and the things you learn about meat and animals is priceless, I did the beef course and loved it so much I booked in for the pork course to, just an idea for you all to think about, after all it'll soon be Christmas!

GingerPig butchery course with tutor Borut